Family Veterans
Oh beautiful is the land we love;
the home of the brave and free;
We praise the Lord for the light from above.
America, oh, America
let our voices join together on high,
And pledge allegiance to our flag,
with liberty and freedom our battle cry.
Let our hearts join together and beat as one,
as Americans united we stand,
To defend to the death our precious freedom,
from sea to sea across our great land.
Let us kneel before our Mighty God,
who led us through the night,
Let us receive His amazing grace and
thank Him for His guiding light.


Honoring Our Military Veterans and Active Duty Service Members

          Lenvert Harper, Sr. U. S. Air Force
          Michael Harper U. S. National Guard & U. S. Marines
          Anthony Richardson U. S. Marines
          Lyndell McCullough U. S. Army
          Kenny Harper U. S. Navy
          Daryl Hill U. S. Navy
          Lynwood Hill U. S. Navy
          David Richardson U. S. Air Force
          Lenvert Harper, Jr. U. S. Air Force
          Gregory Lee U. S. Air Force
          Nakela Lee U. S. Air Force
          Shanika Hill U. S. Army - Active Duty
          Keith Washington U. S. Navy - Active Duty
          Robert Horton II U. S. Army - Active Duty
          Rebekah Horton U. S. Marines - Active Duty